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2019-03-08   Social Science Week

This year, the Social Science Week was held from 5 to 8 March, 2019 under the theme of “Social Science in Life”. A wide array of activities were organized for both junior and senior form students to enhance their knowledge and interest in Social Science subjects.


The fun-packed week kicked off with a current affairs quiz and a drama appreciation activity which aimed to raise students’ awareness of sustainability issues. While S4 and S5 students attended a forum on the topic “Should the government regulate busking in HK?; S1 students took part in a hunger banquet to raise money to support Oxfam’s work to tackle global poverty and hunger. A four-day bazaar was also held at lunchtime to provide a platform for S3 BAFS students to put into practice their business management concepts by running their own business. Other interesting activities included a talk conducted by Junior Achievement Hong Kong, an S3 Inter-class Geography Quiz Competition, and a Liberal Studies talk on personal growth and career development.


Throughout that week, students were guided to reflect upon and express their views on various current and global issues. Not only did they get a better understanding of these issues, but they also became more aware of their role and responsibilities as global citizens.


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Geog quiz1
Geog quiz2
Hunger banquet1
JA Talk