Student's Achievements
SHKP Club "Loving Home in Harmony Campaign" Essay Competition
Merit Award (Intermediate Category)S3HPAU Sum Lui, Shanel
Grantham Visual Arts Award S3HPAU Sum Lui, Shanel
!deal School Uniform Competition
1st runner upS5DLAI Zoe
Sovereign Art Foundation Students Prize, Hong Kong
ShortlistedS6WWAN Louise
Gifted Creative Essay Composition Competition
Silver AwardS2CKANAK Khanuja
CCAE Children's Fine Arts, Calligraphy & Photography Exhibition
1st Class HonorS3HPAU Sum Lui, Shanel
1st Class HonorS5HLAM Yau Hing
1st Class HonorS5ISHEK Zo Ya
1st Class HonorS6WWAN Lok Yi
2nd Class HonorS2PLEE Karis
2nd Class HonorS2RCHIK Pui Yan
2nd Class HonorS3CBRAR Komal
2nd Class HonorS3TBARUA Katrin Kripa
2nd Class HonorS4PTANG Cheuk Tai
2nd Class HonorS5DPENAS Hannah Kaye Ramiento
2nd Class HonorS5ICHEUNG Ming Yan
2nd Class HonorS6MCATOLICO Chloe Maureen Ramos
3rd Class HonorS2IYAN Wah
3rd Class HonorS3CKO Chung Yan
3rd Class HonorS5DELBESHLAWY Malak Ahmed Farouk
3rd Class HonorS5DKWOK Hei Ching
3rd Class HonorS5DWOO Hoi Ching
Red Packet Design Competition
1st runner upS4TLAI Fung Ki
2nd runner upS5DWOO Hoi Ching
Most Popular Award (Secondary Category)S5DWOO Hoi Ching
MeritS4ACHEUNG Ching Silvana
MeritS4FWONG Ching Tung
MeritS5DDICHOSA Maureen Grace Sales
Winner of 1st RoundS3CCHOW Wing Hay Brianna
Winner of 1st RoundS3CGHIMIRE Akirti
Winner of 1st RoundS3TSINGH Puneet Brar
Winner of 1st RoundS4TAYYAB Noor
Winner of 1st RoundS5IGURUNG Wrishika
Winner of 1st RoundS5ISHEK Zo Ya
winner of the 2nd roundS3CCHUNG Hui Man Emily
winner of the 2nd roundS3CCHAN Sin Yi Esther
winner of the 2nd roundS3CUBEAD Noya
Best SpeakerS3CUBEAD Noya
1st Runner up in the Final RoundS3CNg Kevin Kai Wing
1st Runner up in the Final RoundS3CWong Kyle Bok Ho
1st Runner up in the Final RoundS3CPacis Alexa Vernice Soriben
Best SpeakerS3CPacis Alexa Vernice Soriben