Mission and Vision

Our mission is to provide an all-rounded education for the total development of our students, encompassing moral, intellectual, physical, social and aesthetic aspects. The College believes that each student has worth and is endowed with potential and that the school can and should develop its students to the fullest. We also believe that every child has some talent and this should be nurtured. Each student should also become an effective and independent learner by learning to accept responsibility for his or her learning outcomes.

The College exists to educate and develop every student to his or full potential so that they will grow up to become all-rounded persons with the following attributes:

  • international in outlook, culturally aware and proud of their own heritage;
  • bi-literate and tri-lingual, with confidence and competence to communicate effectively in a global community;
  • well-versed in the use of information technology both within the classroom and outside;
  • logical, independent and creative thinkers with the resourcefulness to make sound decisions;
  • well-prepared for continuous and active life-long learning;
  • knowledgeable of humanities as well as basic scientific and mathematical concepts;
  • civic-conscious, patriotic and willing to contribute to the community;
  • morally aware and appreciative of traditional Chinese values (such as loyalty, reliability, responsibility, self-discipline, punctuality, obedience, filial piety and family values);
  • cultured and able to appreciate and enjoy both visual and performing arts;
  • physically fit and knowledgeable about healthy living.


Our vision is to operate a high performance College which provides effective schooling for education and equipping students with the life skills to become responsible, caring, self-disciplined and adaptable young people in a changing society and eventually to be employable and productive members of the community and citizens of an increasingly globalized world. The College will nurture wholly developed, well-balanced, life-long learners who are moral, literate and cultured, intellectually, physically and emotionally strong, and ready and willing to serve society.