Guidance & Counseling



  • To fulfill the support function in enhancing the whole-person development of our students
  • To help our students develop a better understanding of themselves, build up their self-confidence and enhance self-esteem, and develop positive values and attitudes which are useful in different stages of students’ development
  • To provide initial and front-line intervention in helping students cope with their problems






  1. To formulate and implement character education and life education
  2. To strength peer support and the support system in the College






  • S1 Orientation


  • Peer Counseling Scheme





  • Peer Counselor Training Camp






  • Rainbow Leadership Training Scheme 



  • S4 Training Camp



  • Panda Radio broadcast


  • Cherish food activity on World Food Day


  • Sex education Program



  • Cultural Day




  • Talks and workshops







Ms Lam, Wing Sau Kellie  (Head)

Ms Chan, Sau Fan Margaret

Ms Chum, Ka Yan Deborah

Ms Lee, Jo Yee Jojo

Ms Lee, Mei Wai Jeannie

Dr Lo, Wai Lok
Mr. Ma, Chor Keung Kelvin

Ms Man, Yin Lam Mandy

Ms Wong, Yung Joanne (Social Worker)

Ms Ng, Yim Fun Chris (School Counselor)






For students


  • 自我形象,你就是你認為的你

  • 尋找生命的故事 – 精華故事集尋找生命的故事.pdf

  • Moral Education sources for youth (ICAC)


For parents


  • 溝通方法對了,親子關係自然好

  • 心理治療室內的Pokemon Go大師 (親子溝通)

  • 18 Handy Tips for Family Education

  • Be NetWise Parents’ Handbook




You are always welcomed to send us an email ([email protected]) to share your experience and concern about teenagers’ personal growth.