A.     Objective

  • To formulate and enforce the school rules and system of rewards and sanctions.
  • To address the moral and civic values of students through the collaboration with the Guidance and Counseling (G&C) team by implementing moral and civic educational programs / activities.
  • To formulate specific work programs, cross-services collaborative plans and complementary plans for students of different cohorts.
  • To adopt a positive attitude and appropriate methods to handle students' misconduct.



B.     Major Concern

  1. Nurture our students’ positive character.
  2. Nurture our Prefects’ positive character through Prefects training.
  3. Develop our students’ sense of responsibility in attending school (Good attendance).
  4. Develop our students’ sense of responsibility in attending school (Punctuality).



C.     Programs

  1. S1 Residential Training Camp (Aug 25-27, 2016)
  2. Prefect Inauguration Ceremony (Sept 23, 2016)


S1 Residential Training Camp

(1) Martial Arts Training (To develop Perseverance)






(2) Foot drill (To develop Perseverance) 



(3) Meal time (To develop Care and Respect)







(4) Clothes washing (Promoting students’ sense of Responsibility)






(5) Blindfold walk in Self T shirt (An opportunity for students to face Challenges)






Prefect Inauguration Ceremony

(1) Speech from the Head Prefects



(2) The Prefects Team 2016-2017 




D.     Members

Ms Li, Wing Yee Sally (Team Head)

Mr Chung, Nam Daniel Chung (Assistant Team Head, S5 Coordinator)

Mr Bellemin-Laponnaz, Samuel (S4 Coordinator)          

Mr Chow, Yu Ching Derek (S3 Coordinator)        

Mr Lau, Ka Po Kenneth (S6 Coordinator)

Mr Ng, Yu Man Ericson (S1 Coordinator)

Ms Tai, Sharon Tai (S2 Coordinator)