Community Service

A.     Objective 

To help students:

  • understand that community service is an integral part of their school lives
  • understand the needs of others
  • show care to the community;
  • learn how to cooperate with others effectively; and
  • understand how to serve others without expecting anything in return



B.     Major Concern 

  1. To continue developing care and respect in students
  2. To develop student’s 21st century skills by through organizing community service related programs
  3. To motivate students to include community service as part of their life planning at school and in the future



C.     Community Service Scheme





D.     Activities (1 – 2 pictures for one program) 


Visit elderly




S1 Parent-child Flag Selling




S3 Flag Selling





 Experiential Living Program in Squatter




TREATS Day Camp 




Cleaning elderly’s homes




Hunger Banquet




Visit Dialogue in the dark


Adventure Ship










Orbis Charity Sale



Orbis Trip




Gansu Tour





E.     Members

Ms. Elmen Hung (Head of Community Service Team)

Mr. Luke Wong

Mr. Joe Wong

Ms. Sue Yu

Ms. Candy Zhao

Ms. Eliza Chan

Ms. Chris Ng