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2017-03-04   The Exhibition of Secondary School Students’ Creative Visual Arts Work 2016/17

The “Exhibition of Secondary School Students’ Creative Visual Arts Work (2016/17)”, organised by the Arts Education Section of the Education Bureau (EDB), was held from 15 February 2017 to 4 March 2017 at the EDB Kowloon Tong Education Services Centre. The exhibition aimed to provide students with an opportunity to showcase their creativity and talents in Visual Arts, and to enhance sharing among students, teachers and the public in art education.


Two of our students’ works were among the outstanding entries selected for display at the exhibition. They were awarded prizes in recognition of their achievements in Visual Arts creation. In particular, Leung Tsz Man Fion of 6P was awarded the Gold Prize for her painting, whereas Lam Luen Kit Ashley of 6A was awarded a Certificate of Merit for her photography work.


Here are the profiles of the students’ artwork:


Fion Leung has always dreamt of being a sea turtle, which can travel around the world someday, swimming in a relaxed manner in the ocean. By drawing the painting, she sincerely hopes that she can visit every city in the world in the future.


Ashley Lam wanted to show the harmony in vibrant Fa Yuen Street and promote it through photography. In the artwork, she expressed the feelings of relaxation and appreciation. She added some sort of fake flowers to enhance its visuality.


Congratulations to the students for their good work!


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Ashley 02
Ashley 04
Fion 01_gold prize