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2017-03-30   Hong Kong Youth Science & Technology Innovation Competition 2016-17

Two of our students, Ng Wing Him Thomas of 3C and Zheng Edwin of 3T, participated in the “Hong Kong Youth Science & Technology Innovation Competition” organized by the Hong Kong New Generation Cultural Association this year. To enter the competition, students had to design and build an innovative product of their own. We are pleased to announce that, out of the over 3,000 entries submitted by nearly 350 schools, Thomas and Edwin’s invention “Self-sealing Rubbish Bin” was among the outstanding entries selected into the Final Judging Session. They were given the Merit Award in recognition of their achievement.


In designing their product, Thomas and Edwin targeted at solving daily problems encountered by the public. The “Self-sealing Rubbish Bin” can effectively reduce the amount of dirt left on our hands when we dispose of rubbish. During the process of invention, the students demonstrated innovative skills as well as great perseverance; it was through a series of trials and errors that they succeeded in coming up with this fantastic invention.


The competition was a good STEM learning experience for our students. It stimulated their creativity in scientific research and invention, and gave them an opportunity to put their ideas into practice.


Congratulations to the students for their good work!


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