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2017-05-19   Working Experience Programme 2016/17

To equip students with information about career choices and enhance their understanding of different industries, the Careers Guidance Team has arranged for some S4 students to take part in the “Working Experience Programme 2016/17”, organized by the Education Bureau. Participating students were assigned work placements in companies or organizations in different fields so that they could experience the world of work and explore their own potential and interest.

In April and May, students had an opportunity to take part in a two-day work placement at Optical Sensing Ltd (a computer integrated systems design company) and a Sa Sa Store (a cosmetics retailing company) respectively. During the two-day programme, students were given different tasks to do so that they could gain hands-on experience in the respective fields. They also had a chance to interact with the staff and learn from their experience.

All participating students expressed that they had a very challenging, yet exciting experience at their workplaces. Through the placement, students got a better understanding of their own career pursuits and acquired valuable skills that equip them for their future career development.


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