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2017-07-06   Moody’s Rise-Up Program 2016/17

To foster students’ positive values and enhance their self-awareness, the College’s Guidance and Counseling Team arranged for S3-S5 students to take part in the “Moody’s Rise Up” Program, sponsored by the Moody’s and KELY Support Group. Participants of this half-year program attended a series of life skill, career planning and creative media workshops which aim at enhancing their life skills and aesthetic sensitivity. Near the end of the program, students had an opportunity to visit Moody’s and talked with the mentors from the corporation. They also hosted a photography exhibition at PMQ in early July to showcase the photos taken during a photography workshop that was held earlier.


On July 6, a graduation ceremony was held at our College during which certificates and awards were presented to participating students to recognize their efforts and achievement in the past six months. In particular, Ashley Lau of 4D, Ainna Escueta Yzabella and Rithicka Balaji of 4R were awarded “The Best Picture Award”, “The Best Story Teller Award” and “The Best Presenter Award” respectively.


During the sharing session, all the participants expressed that they found the program a rewarding experience. Upon completion of the program, they have developed various life skills and become more confident in pursuing their endeavors.


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