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2017-11-10   School Picnic

The School Picnic was successfully held on November 10. Blessed with nice sunny weather, our students set off to different destinations in the morning. While S1 students went to Tai Tong Country Park, S2 and S3 students went to the Butterfly Beach and Tai Mei Tuk BBQ Area respectively. For the senior forms, S5 students went to Tai Au Mun Country Park, whereas S6 students went to Shek O. To help students make preparation for the picnic day, a workshop on setting up a BBQ fire was held for junior form students by the ECA Team in the previous week.


On that day, teachers and students had a good time playing group games and taking part in various mini-competitions. While some students preferred having a picnic lunch, others enjoyed having a barbecue or hotpot in the outdoor. The picnic day provided a good opportunity for teachers and students to enjoy nature and spend some relaxing time together so as to build a close relationship. It was a fun and memorable day for all.


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