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2017-11-25   Open Days

This year, our College’s annual Open Days were held on 25 and 26 November. The event was a great success, attracting more than 6,000 visitors and guests. It was a good opportunity for us to showcase our school-running principles, as well as the excellent learning environment we have provided for our students.

The theme of this year’s Open Days was “Engage and Excel”. Apart from the interactive game booths in the playground, there were DIY workshops and various exhibits on display in the classrooms. Students could engage in different activities and learn something new while having fun at the same time. There were also a wide range of performances to showcase our students’ talents, such as dancing, singing, rope skipping, yoyo performance and cheerleading performance. In addition, a Hong Kong Inter-Primary Schools English Speech Competition was held, with over 600 candidates participating. The competition not only served as a platform for primary school students to enhance their English public speaking skills, but also fostered friendly relationships between our College and the participating schools.

During the Open Days, we were glad to see many of our alumni coming back to catch up with their teachers and recall the good old days at the College. The event also provided an excellent opportunity for our students to serve the school community. Through greeting visitors and introducing our College to others, the student helpers developed a greater sense of belonging to their school.

A great thank you to all the visitors and guests who visited our College on Open Days. We look forward to seeing you again at next year’s Open Days.


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