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2017-11-23   Xian Study Tour

In order to broaden students’ horizons and enhance their understanding of Chinese history and culture, a four-day study tour to Xian was held from November 23 to 26. Thirty-six S1 students, along with four teachers, participated in this tour.


The trip kicked off with the visit to the Drum Tower (鼓樓), which is the largest tower existing in China. Students visited historical sites such as the Tomb of Emperor Wudi(漢武帝茂陵) and Qianling (乾陵). They also went to various museums to know more about the history and culture of ancient China, including the Emperor QinShiHuang’s Mausoleum Site Museum(秦始皇陵博物院), Shaanxi History Museum(陝西歷史博物館)and Xian Museum(西安博物館).


During the tour, students got plenty of opportunities to experience local culture. Apart from mingling with some students at a local secondary school, they had a lot of fun learning how to make mini Terra-Cotta warriors(兵馬俑)at a DIY workshop.


The tour was really an eye-opening experience for our students. It provided a meaningful context for them to consolidate the historical knowledge acquired in the classroom.


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