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2018-02-07   Japanese school visit

Over 150 Japanese students from Kyoto Prefectural Hokuryo Senior High School, along with 10 teaching staff, visited our College for cultural exchange in the morning of February 7. 


Upon their arrival, two of our S4 students gave a presentation in the School Hall, introducing the College’s vision and mission, diversified curriculum and learning culture. Our guests were very excited to meet Aoi Imamichi from Japan, who is studying as an exchange student in our College and served as the interpreter for that day. The Japanese students then got into groups and introduced various aspects of their culture to us through dancing and singing a couple of popular Japanese songs. Our students in return gave a singing performance before they went for different lessons.


Apart from joining in dodgeball games in the playground, the Japanese students also attended lessons with our S4 students. Those who sat in on English lessons engaged in interactive learning activities using iPads; while those who joined our Chinese lessons had a chance to explore Chinese culture. Besides practising Chinese calligraphy, they learnt about the traditions of Lunar New Year and had a lot of fun decorating the candy box to commemorate the New Year.


The whole school community was glad to receive visitors from Japan that day. Students who bumped into the guests in the campus extended a warm welcome to them by taking the initiative to say ‘hello’. The day concluded with photo taking and exchange of gifts and contacts between students of both schools.


During the visit, teachers and students of both schools fostered new friendships and learnt about the culture and school life in other countries. It proved to be a rewarding experience for all. We look forward to more of such kind of cultural exchange in the near future.


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