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2018-03-24   S1 Henan Study Tour 2018

To broaden students’ horizons and give them an opportunity to learn more about the history and culture of China, a study tour to Henan (河南) was held from March 24 to 27. 32 S1 students, along with 4 teachers, participated in this tour.


The tour focused on deepening students’ understanding about China in four main aspects: food culture in Henan, history of Bao Zheng(包公), city planning of China and the impact of human activities on the environment. The four-day trip kicked off with a visit to the Yellow Emperor’s Hometown (黃帝故里) in Zhengzhou (鄭州)where students got a glimpse of Yellow Emperor Culture and ancient Chinese civilization. Apart from visiting the Yellow River (黃河)and Yellow River Museum(黃河博物館)to know about the impact of climate change, students also went to various historical sites and local attractions, including Pagoda Forest of Shaolin Temple(嵩山少林寺及塔林), Bao Zheng’s Ancestral Hall (包公祠) and Millennium City Park(清明上河園).


During the tour, students had an opportunity to join a three-hour martial arts class at a martial arts school to learn Shaolin kung fu (少林功夫). They also had a lot of fun joining a DIY workshop on making wooden engraving pictures in Zhuxian Town(朱仙鎮).


The tour was really an eye-opening experience for our students. It provided a meaningful context for them to consolidate their historical knowledge outside of the classroom and to gain insights into the current development of China.


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