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2019-02-22   Volunteer Service Activity for Peer Counselors and Mentees

To enhance students’ understanding of society and nurture them to be caring citizens, the Guidance and Counseling (G&C) Team arranged for S4–S5 Peer Counselors and their S1 mentees to take part in a volunteer service activity on February 22, 2019.


On that day, some of the S1 students joined their big brothers and sisters to visit Chan Tak Sang Memorial Neighbourhood Elderly Centre; while others went to New Life Psychiatric Rehabilitation Association—The Wellness Centre. They worked together to plan some interactive games for the elderly and ex-patients. With the guidance and support of their mentors, the S1 students plucked up their courage to host the games. It was really a valuable learning experience through which they could develop communication and leadership skills. Throughout the visit, the atmosphere was happy and relaxing. The day concluded with photo taking and presentation of gifts.


The activity gave students an opportunity to reach out to the needy and show care and concern for others. All the participating students found it a rewarding experience.


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