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2021-10-30   Leadership Training Day 2021

As part of its effort to promote the all-round development of students, the Extra-Curricular Activities (ECA) Team organised a Leadership Training Day for the committee members of the four houses and Student Council, with an aim to honing students’ leadership qualities.


Starting with the ice-breaking game, Escape from the Knot, student members had to overcome various challenges that required effective communication and message-delivering techniques. Next, they played a game called “The Territory”, which aimed at developing their negotiation and decision-making skills. Then, they were required to select suitable participants to complete 5 mini-challenges “Mission Impossible”. These games were all designed to enable students to understand what kinds of leader qualities they should possess.


Last but not least, the members were asked to complete an “egg drop challenge’ where they have to build a lander to protect a raw egg that would be dropped from a height. Through the activity, the instructors guided the participants to express their opinions on how to design the protector so as to strengthen their communication skill.


It was indeed a memorable and rewarding experience for all the student leaders. We hope they will put into practice the various skills they have acquired and be able to embrace the challenges lying ahead.


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