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2022-06-17   Jockey Club Musicus Heritage Alive” School Visits 2021/2022

To widen students’ exposure to music and enhance their music appriasing skills, our College arranged for S1 students to take part in a music appreciation activity on June 17.


We were honoured to have Cong Quartet, a prize-winning professional string quartet from Musicus Society, to perform for our students in the covered playground that day. Students were introduced to a couple of classical composers (such as J.S. Bach, Antonio Vivaldi, Vittorio Monti, etc.) and their musical pieces. They also learnt about some historic buildings and declared monuments in Hong Kong, and their connections with classical music.


The lively and dynamic performance of the visiting musicians truly captivated our students, who were also fully engaged in the Q & A session. It was a relaxing afternoon of wonderful music for all.   


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