Science Club

To arouse students’ interest in learning science through different activities and to encourage students to explore the world of science so as to apply scientific knowledge and skills actively in their daily lives.

Mr. Tommy Ho

Mr. Christopher Chan

Chairperson: NG Oi Yin, Martha (5T18)


  • Committee members:
  • SHEN Yin Wen, Winnie (5T21) Vice-chairperson
  • LOK Tin Long Duncan (5T25) Secretary
  • THAPA Shalina (5F25) Recreational officer
  • PUN Yalena (5F21) Treasurer
  • NAFISA Humayra (5R23)
  • YUEN Man Ching, Betty (5P22)
  • CHEUNG Lai Ying (5P03)
  • ONG Man Hei, Andrew (4L20) IT officer
  • TSUI Chin Nam, Nathan (4M22) IT officer

Tolo Eco-tour Exploration

Making soap in lab


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Learning Static Electricity


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