English Club


  1. To reinforce members’ English language skills in various aspects, such as improving their comprehension skills, grammar and so on.
  2. To nurture members’ talents in more advanced topics, for instance, boosting their impromptu speaking skills as well as speaking more confidently and naturally.
  3. To improve members’ presentation skills and help them learn how to present any topic in a more interesting and captivating way.
  4. To enhance members’ confidence in speaking and talking in English by participating in duologue performances and acting.

Miss Iris Chan

Miss Cathy Chan

Chairperson            : Wenzell Guadiz (4L)

Vice Chairperson    : Fahad Gulzar (4L), Atar Singh (4E)

Secretary         : Ankit Hinduja (4L), Rihad Sunbim Zahin (5F)

Treasurer                : Oliver Cheung (2C), Taranpreet Singh (4P)

Throughout the year, the English Club will be hosting all sorts of fun and thrilling activities. These are just a few of the many enjoyable activities that have been held!


1) Blind-drawing and “Ordinary Object Selling”

Lots of fun activities were held like blind-drawing and object-selling, where members were blindfolded and spun around and could only rely on their team’s instructions to draw certain ordinary items, such as a hat or a doll, as accurately as possible and advertise them as humorously and attractively as possible in order to score points for their team! Members had terrific fun in these activities, and learnt the importance of communication skills.


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2) The “Slur” game, Heads Up, and Song Appreciation

Teamwork-oriented activities were also held, where each team had to utilize their English language skills to decipher what phrase a member was trying to say, like a scrambled phrase that only sounded similar to the actual one. All members had great fun. During the fun yet tranquil song appreciation period, members shared their favourite songs and talked about their underlying meanings and stories.


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Special Feature

Aside from the various fun and entertaining English-related activities, the traditional yet anticipated annual Treasure Hunt is once again being held this year! Each participant must strive to solve confusing riddles to get to every next objective in a race against time, and the ultimate winner gets to take home tons of amazing rewards!


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