French Club
  • To broaden students’ international horizons;
  • To teach French in interactive and creative ways;
  • To arouse the sense of awareness towards French culture


Mrs Gasmi-Sinkari Caroline

Mr Laurent Bedoncha



Chairman: CHU Vianni Ray 5T

Vice-Chairlady: CHAIL Kamalpreet Kaur 5R

Vice-Chairlady: SHAH Tanushi Ritesh 5A

Hon. Secretary: GURBAKSH-KAUR 5R

Hon. Secretary: KAUR Sumeet 5F

Treasurer: GURUNG Jasmin 5R

Recreation Officer: IRFAN Kashaf 5T

Recreation Officer: PUN Bhesh Raj 5R

  • Ice-breaking games in French to foster better relationships between club members
  • French movie appreciation to promote the beauty of the French theatrical arts
  • Authentic French cuisine experience
  • Masterchef cooking to develop deeper understanging of French culinary arts
  • French games as an engaging and exciting way to learn French


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French Club Committee with Teachers

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Engaging ice-breaking games.

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Playing Charades with creativity.

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Team games foster cooperation.

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Employing multimedia to teach French.