Mathematics Club

One of the fundamental objectives of the club is to increase students’ interest in mathematics through fun activities that are not only challenging to solve, but also used to compete with one another. The activities are designed to stimulate students’ problem-solving skills in mathematics outside the classroom, where the materials they learn are applied in reality.

Mr. Ivan Mak

Mr. Yaqub Mohammad

Chairperson: 5T LEE Ka Yau

Vice-Chairperson: 5T MAK Wai Chung, 4L CHAN Wai Chun

Secretary:, 4P LIEM Laurance Chun Hey

Treasurer: 4L HO Kai Yuen Sarky

Mathematics Club tries to design activities that could arouse students’ interest in numeracy related activities and to provide grounds for students to solve numerous problems through interaction and exploration.


The most popular activities are Rummikub (Twist) and Mathematics Trail which are simple to play, yet challenging and engaging. 6Nimmt is an interesting card game that allows students to visualize patterns and to learn simple logic. Students are also provided with opportunities to participate in hands on activities such as model building. Moreover, Mathematics Club also helps to arrange various competitions every year.


These activities along with many others enhance students’ ability to work in a team, logical thinking, visualization, numerical calculation and problem solving skills in a friendly and inviting environment.


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